Session D8: Extreme Events: Observations and Modeling (online and Pune)

Location: Aryabhatta Hall

Conveners: Sridhara Nayak, Koji Dairaku, Suman Maity, J Sanjay, Mandira Singh Shrestha, Lalu Das.

This session is aimed to address the scientific questions on how we can integrate multiple data (global and regional, dynamical and statistical models, hazard and risk impacts) and physical understanding to fit for diverse societal needs? In particular, the observational and numerical modeling studies on extreme events over any CORDEX regions are aimed to discuss in this session to advance the understanding of the physics and dynamics associated with the extreme events.

Detailed program

Session co-chairs: Sridhara Nayak and Koji Dairaku

09.00-09.30 IST Introductory talks

Sridhara Nayak
Koji Dairaku
Suman Maity
Mandira Singh Shrestha
Lalu Das

09.30-10.20 IST Oral presentations

Due to unforeseen circumstances some speakers may be replaced or will not be able to participate

Cyclone Mocha - Analyzing Impacts and Advancing Predictive Capabilities for Coastal Resilience (8 min) Mohan Kumar Das
Adequacy of ROM, a RESM, in capturing the precipitation extremes in Himachal Pradesh, India (8 min) Jyoti Sharma
Machine learning based lightning prediction over Eastern India (8 min) Javed Akhter
A study of soil water dynamics in extremely dry and wet rainfall conditions over the core monsoon zone of India (8 min) Mangesh Goswami
Assessment of extreme rainfall events over the Indian subcontinent during the historical and future projection periods based on CMIP6 simulations (8 min) Suthinkumar P S
Frequency of extremes precipitation is projected to increase during the 21st century over Indian River Basins (IRBs) (8 min) Pawan Kumar Chaubey

10.20-10.45 IST Poster session D8-P talks

Due to unforeseen circumstances some speakers may be replaced or will not be able to participate

Quantifying current and extreme precipitation events in Nepal to inform hydropower stakeholders (2 min) Katy Richardson
Greenhouse forcing and its amplification mechanisms on Africa's Hot days and Night (2 min) Paul Adigun
Optimization and evaluation of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model for wind energy resource assessment and mapping in Iran (2 min) Nasim Hossein Hamzeh
Impact of North Tropical Atlantic on South Asian Summer Monsoon Variability (2 min) Ajinkya Aswale
Exploring the Vertical Moist Thermodynamic Characteristics of the Extreme Rainfall Events over Monsoon Core Region (2 min) Deepak P
Future changes in the potential intensity of tropical cyclones over the North Indian Ocean in response to the thermal structure of the atmosphere and the Ocean in CMIP6 models (2 min) Abhiram Nirmal C. S
Evaluation of Monsoon Precipitation Extremes in WRF-based Dynamically Downscaled Reanalysis over the Indian Himalayas (2 min) Rohtash Saini
Unveiling the Distinguishing Features of Normal and Extreme Cold Wave Events in North India (2 min) Athira K S
Sensitivity analysis of physics parameterization schemes for Western Disturbances over the Indian region: A high-resolution WRF model study (2 min) Raj Pritam Gupta
Evaluating complexity of the soil moisture - rainfall relation over core monsoon zone of India (2 min) Madhusudan Ingale
Assessment of WRF Model in Simulating Heat Wave Events over India (2 min) Priyanshu Gupta

10.45-11.00 IST Q&A and summary

Contact: Sridhara Nayak (, Koji Dairaku (, Suman Maity (, J Sanjay (, Mandira Singh Shrestha (, Lalu Das