Session D1: CORDEX-Ocean: Towards a CORDEX framework for Ocean Regional Climate Modelling (online and Trieste)

Location: Oppenheimer  Room

Conveners: Samuel Somot (Med-CORDEX), Marine Herrman (CORDEX South-East Asia), Markus Meier (EURO-CORDEX, Baltic Earth) and Tereza Cavazos (Central America CORDEX).

Since its inception, the CORDEX initiative has focused mainly on continental areas, leaving oceanic areas aside. However, today, the regional climate scientific community is facing more and more questions from citizens and policy makers regarding the necessary adaptation of marine ecosystems and maritime or coastal activities to ongoing and future climate change. This D-session proposes to assess the challenges in regional ocean modeling at climate scale, to identify the obstacles to overcome in order to reach a large-scale international coordination, and to reflect on the opportunity to develop a CORDEX framework for Ocean Regional Climate Modelling.

Detailed program:

14.30-15.30 Introductory talks

Chairs: Tereza CAVAZOS and Marcus MEIER

Introduction (5 min) Tereza CAVAZOS
Dynamical downscaling of future ocean climate for Mexican coastlines, towards the evaluation of future species’ ranges and ecosystems shifts (5 min) Paulina CETINA HEREDIA 
Quantifying air-sea heat fluxes over Southeast Asia and their response to climate change (5 min) Hue NGUYEN
Mercury fate and transport in the Mediterranean Sea: current state and projected changes under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios (5 min) Ginerva ROSATI

Regional Climate System Modeling for the Baltic Sea region – an overview about Baltic Earth activities (10min) Markus MEIER
Regional physical-biogeochemical coupled ocean modeling at the Gulf of Mexico (10 min) Sheila ESTRADA-ALLIS
High-resolution studies of the South East Asia regional climate system with a focus on ocean (10 min) Marine HERRMANN
Modelling the Sea in Med-CORDEX: a review (10 min) Samuel SOMOT

15.30-16.00 Health break

16.00-17.00 Discussion

Chairs: Marine HERRMANN, Markus MEIER, Samuel SOMOT

Short introduction: Main objectives of the discussions (5 min) Samuel SOMOT

Due to unforeseen circumstances some speakers may be replaced or will not be able to participate.

Contact: Samuel Somot (, Tereza Cavazos (, Marine Herrmann (, Markus Meier, (