Session B: CORDEX interaction with Society

Plenary session
  • Communicating climate information to society
  • Integrating climate information to real-word decisions
  • Understanding user needs and capacities
  • Capacity building through training, education and interaction

The session focuses on strategies for communicating climate information to society, integrating climate information to real-word decisions and understanding user needs and capacities. It includes some examples of how CORDEX/regional climate information is used in society and how we work with capacity building/capacity exchange activities. Some key questions: How can we provide timely and relevant information for societal needs? How do we move from climate models to socio-economic impacts? How to use regional climate change science to guide adaptation policies and development of Decision Support Systems? (like, climate adaptation games, Copernicus CDS etc). When is global data adequate and when is high resolution needed? How can we demonstrate regional/CORDEX added value to non-standard scenarios?

Format:  Invited initiating talks, Panel discussion. Poster abstract submission.