Hi Professor Nana Ama Browne Klutse! 

Hi Professor Nana Ama Browne Klutse that was one of the invited speakers at ICRC-CORDEX2023.

Hi! My name is Professor Nana Ama Browne Klutse. I am currently the Vice chair of Working Group One for the Sixth assessment report of the IPCC and also the point of contact for CORDEX Africa.

CORDEX is a global experiment done to support different countries with already downscaled data to support research. As a point of contact I mobilize climate scientists who are using the data and connects them to the CORDEX office.

I’ve used CORDEX data myself severally since 2011 for my research. We know that we have limited knowledge in and also limited research expertise in the African continent specifically on climate change. CORDEX Africa is a group formed to encourage ourselves and also work hard in the modeling space to produce knowledge on climates, and to contribute to the global discussion on climate change.

Since 2018 CORDEX papers or research have been cited a lot in the IPCC report. It has had some citations in the past, but it has improved a lot after the 1.5 report. The CORDEX community (and the office that is at SMHI) has supported groups and flow of research. We have for example CORDEX Asia, CORDEX Africa, CORDEX Europe and other research groups and that has improved a lot of research in this space. We also focus on the IPCC thematic areas and various topics that the report focusses on. That has made CORDEX information more open and also more assessable to the scientific community.

Going forward, of course the IPCC will still benefit from CORDEX information and I believe that the CORDEX community will continue to support especially Africa and other developing continents. Mostly countries in Asia as well to improve upon research using CORDEX to get more information for IPCC reports. I have collected a lot from CORDEX data and CORDEX research in the second phase of CORDEX were we had the CORDEX CMIP6 downscaled information. I’ve also contributed with applications in that space that supports climate research in Africa. Also, encourage young career scientists. I have students and postdoctoral fellows that I guide in the modeling space. I’m looking forward to the WCRP Open Science Conference in Kigali where CORDEX will have a section for Early Career Scientists (ECS) and I believe we will have a showcase of scientists that have worked with CORDEX data and I know that there will be a feature also for Africa. I’ll be there to represent a number of people from Africa.