Short summary of day two of ICRC-CORDEX2023

The second day of the ICRC-CORDEX2023 was eventful in both Pune and Trieste!

  • We heard a tribute to Filippo Giorgi’s work with CORDEX and ICTP in the Panel Discussion.
  • The co-chairs of CORDEX Daniela Jacobs and Silivina Solmon co-chaired the session insights from session A and discussion on the future scientific development and priorities, as well as the session on the Outcome and insights from Flagship Pilot Studies.
  • Pune hosted Session A4 and A5 on Regional climate modelling/downscaling for South Asia Monsoon region.
  • There was a B Session on CORDEX interaction with Society.
  • We also had Health breaks with social and scientific discussions.
  • We had more Poster sessions, including Lightning talks in Pune.
  • Additionally we enjoyed side events in Trieste. One of the side events was an Early Career Scientist event.

Take a look at the programme and see what you can watch on our YouTube Channel:

ICRC – CORDEX 2023 – DAY 3 (C2).

From the session on Outcome and insights from Flagship Pilot Studies.
From the Early Career Scientist Event.